Relationship Coaching

You are looking for a pleasant collaboration…

You are yearning for quality guidance and practical tools for inspiration, insights, and an energy boost in your relationship.

You really no longer want to…

be too busy for each other.
…be full of misunderstandings towards each other.
…argue over unimportant matters.
…feel resistance towards intimacy.

You long for more depth and connection…

☽ You want to understand each other better, communicate better, and connect more often.

☽ You desire to choose intimacy more often in a busy life.

☽ You are ready to take the next step in your love relationship.


c o a c h i n g

for couples

My (online) Relationship Coaching is intended for couples who desire to be/stay together and…


~ want to understand each other better;


~ seek depth in the relationship;


~ want to grow together (as individuals and as a team: psychologically, spiritually, emotionally, sexually).


You are so welcome if you feel stuck and encounter blockages, arguments, or stagnation…


And you are welcome if everything is going well but there is still a desire for more depth.


It is not about having big issues, as there is always room for development and growth. We can always learn to understand each other better, heal together from old patterns and experiences from our youth.


Learn to communicate better, acquire tools to connect. Truly see and hear each other, especially at the moments when it is so needed.


We can learn to be intimate with each other more easily, move through blockages or discomfort, learn to desire each other and play together. In relation to each other, we are always each other’s mirror. With this understanding and with the right tools, commitment, and love for our partner, our love relationship contributes to our process, our personal and spiritual growth as human beings.


Every person is different and every couple is unique. I find it very special to be able to work with couples. It feels like an honor to be a part of a relationship between two people, their love, and connection. In my coaching programs, we flow together and work with whatever comes up.


Topics that may be addressed:


~ Tools for communication and connection;


~ Healing together (psychological tasks, learning each other’s triggers, patterns, and wounds);


~ Body and energy work (think of meditation, visualization, and breathwork);


~ Sexuality, desire, and intimacy (talking about it, exercises to work on);


~ Valuable knowledge on topics (such as sexual energy, giving and receiving, collective conditioning, dynamics, communication styles, orgasm, Tantric and Taoist exercises, inner child work, masculine and feminine energy).

p r a c t i c a l

who & how?

Some couples have been together for a lifetime, others for much shorter. All couples who I work with are looking for… the deeper connection. Truly understanding each other and being able to support each other.


Sometimes we move slowly because parts of us require a lot of attention. Sometimes it is clear what we want to work on, sometimes unexpected themes arise. It may be that we treat a different theme every session, it may also be that we need the entire program for one theme. Sometimes one program feels like a beginning. Always, a program is valuable. Why?


Because you intentionally stand still and bring attention to… you. As individuals and as a team. To your relationship and your way of connecting with each other.

Price breakdown Relationship Transformation 


Discovery call to meet each other = €0,-. After that, we decide together whether to start a collaboration or not.


Coaching program €1420,- (12 weeks)

A 12-week program consists of 6 online sessions of 90 minutes, interim homework, customized tasks, audios and documents, and an extensive report of each session.


Sessions take place online, once every 2 weeks on days and times that are convenient for both of us. Everything is possible and in consultation with each other.

For a follow-up program, you will always receive a €100 discount.

All prices include 21% VAT.
Payment in 3, 6, or 8 installments is possible.

Sanne-Marieke & Roel (19 years together)

“We have become enormously inspired and since the program, we experience much more awareness in our relationship. We know our boundaries and desires better, know what we like and what excites us in terms of sex/intimacy. There is more understanding of our dynamics and patterns, more awareness of our ways of communicating, and we have both adjusted various behaviors.


We make time for intimacy much more often and easily and have started giving and receiving compliments and talking about everything related to sex. Through the discomfort, on the way to more playfulness, fun, and pleasure.


After 19 years it feels like we have reached a deeper layer in the relationship again and we can work with this foundation, insights, and practical tools for more connection and freedom for the time being. Nada, thank you!”

Felix & Puck (2 years together)

“With very special individual care and wonderful tools and knowledge, Nada transformed the understanding of what we call a relationship. We learned how men and women flow in their peculiar way, how we can create a safe space and communicate heart to heart in a productive and open way. Nada teached us several tools and practices that we still use on a daily basis that helped us deepen our relationship on a spiritual, energetic and sexual level. We are forever grateful for your precious energy and work for us. Thank you so much.”

Julia & Jaap (6 years together)

“At first Jaap thought the idea of Relationship Coaching was too spiritual and resisted doing something like that. But after a short introductory meeting, he could experience how grounded, natural, and human Nada works and this appealed to him as well.


The program helped us with questions and problems we kept running into together and couldn’t solve. Nada took us deep so that we could explore this together with her, but still with each other, and learn how to meet each other there again.


She gave us so many fun exercises that really helped us support each other, heal, and do this process together. Now, months later, we still regularly do exercises from the program (because you retain access to them).


We have come much closer together through this program, have much more appreciation for each other, the feeling of: We are doing this together! We take more time for our relationship and it has become much easier for us to talk openly about topics that can sometimes be difficult to discuss.


Finally, Nada is easy-going and can be very funny, haha! It feels very easy to talk to her about things like sex, which can feel quite exciting, but her easy vibes make it very easy!


We are very grateful that we did the program with her. Highly recommended!”

c o n t e n t

What to expect?

With my coaching program I offer:


╰ a safe container for healing and transformation;
╰ loving attention and practical tools in 90-minute (online) sessions;
╰ clarity around goals and desires;
╰ valuable tasks to work on;
╰ customized meditations and practices;
╰ support & planning through WhatsApp;
╰ extensive report of insights and homework through e-mail
╰  possible next steps.

You can see a collaboration with me as a deepening of your relationship.
c o a c h i n g

Sex, Love & Relationships

If you are interested in a program, we can schedule a (non-binding) Discovery Call to meet. This is via Zoom so we can see each other right away. We can both feel in if we are a match. There will be room for all your questions.

I have space for a limited number of collaborations, but there is always time to meet.

b a c k g r o u n d

Education & Knowledge

I graduated from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality (Layla Martin ©) as a Sex, Love & Relationship Coach specialized in female sexuality and relationship transformation.


In the coaching methods I work with, a holistic approach is used. Knowledge from science, (neuro)biology, and psychology is combined with wisdom and practices from ancient spiritual traditions, such as body and energy work from Tantra and Taoism. A fantastic combination if you ask me.


Furthermore, the content of my coaching (and all my offerings) is based on life experiences and various trainings in the field (see my About page (in dutch).

Down to Earth Women comes straight from my heart and soul. With a lot of passion and enthusiasm, I bring a long each person with self consciousness around our bodies, sexuality, emotions and relationships, which I believe is very important.
m e a n i n g

What does coaching mean to me?

Through coaching, I can inspire and motivate you to do the deeper work together in your personal processes and relationship.


I can guide you to find ways inward and explore the habits and conditioning that stand in your way.

m y s t o r y

About me

My life has always been eventful, and I have often stumbled. Fears, addictions, and unhealthy relationships are not unknown to me. With many hard falls and countless get-ups, I have lived life to the fullest and have learned so much from this grand process, which I am still in, of course.


I bring all life lessons to the guidance I offer. It can be very valuable if someone understands what you are going through.

My approach is raw, honest and loving. We go for the deeper work, peel ourselves open, and face the darkness we need to. All with a dose of humor and down-to-earthness. Because I believe we must keep both feet on the ground.


My partner and I are married and have been together for over 6 years. We maintain a very conscious relationship. The tools and exercises I share in my work are ones I can speak about from personal experience. We practice many of them ourselves and still regularly schedule time for conscious communication, connection, healing, and intimacy.

I believe this ‘work’ is incredibly important, no matter how long you’ve been together. By doing this, you invest in yourself and in your relationship.